Monday, April 14, 2008

Favorite Music Videos

While I'm reminiscing about music, here are some of my favorite video clips from the days when MTV actually showed music videos and some talent and thought went into rock videos.

Subterranean Homesick Blues, Bob Dylan
Blind, Talking Heads* -- YouTube does not do this justice; the projected face effect is absolutely brilliant, and the drooling tool is a bit of statement, eh?
Love for Sale, Talking Heads* -- sadly all the YouTube copies manage to cut off the final shot of one of the many kissing couples pulling apart and her lip sticking, rather grossly, to his, which is simply priceless.
And also Once in a Lifetime and This Must Be The Place, Talking Heads
Whip It, Devo
Orinoco Flow, Enya
Don't Let's Start, They Might Be Giants -- mind-bending clip made for no money at all
Sat in Your Lap, Kate Bush -- bonus points for weirdness?
Boy in the Bubble, Paul Simon -- amazing to consider this was made in 1987
Missionary Man, Eurythmics -- Like David Byrne and women on horseback, Annie Lennox is a special effect (link is to Thorn in My Side video which isn't that great a video, but Annie Lennox looks like she's CGI in it, and it is my favorite Eurythmics song)
Don't Dream It's Over, Crowded House
Say Goodbye, Hunters and Collectors
Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen -- in Australia, most fondly remembered as "the song that finally kicked Fernando out of the No. 1 slot"
Ashes to Ashes, David Bowie
Love Shack, The B-52s
Oh Superman, Laurie Anderson
Sledgehammer, Peter Gabriel -- tour de force of stop motion

More Recent Videos that give me hope

Perhaps these are the good old days of music videos too. Certainly, there are a few musicians around who seem to really think about their video clips (or hire someone who does) and of course the technology has progressed astonishingly.

Bachelorette, Bjork
Isobel, Bjork
All is Full of Love, Bjork
In This World, Moby
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, Moby
Right Here, Right Now, Fat Boy Slim -- simple idea, brilliantly executed. For some reason I love this track too, even though it's repetitive as hell
Weapon of Choice, Fatboy Slim

Better Idea than Execution

Only for Sheep, Le Bureau
Fade to Grey, Visage (actually a lot lamer than I remember)

* Talking Heads (or perhaps David Byrne) probably deserves a category all by themselves, having produced more awesome videos than the rest of the industry put together.